The Responsibility of a Fire Alarm System

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When it comes to fire detection and alarm products, it’s extremely important that you purchase one that is well designed, manufactured and installed. A correctly designed fire alarm will provide you with essential early detection that can save your life and protect your property.

All fire alarm products should be tested and approved to the highest standards, to ensure that they are working to their fullest potential.

Legal Requirements

When it comes to designing a new alarm system, there are lots of different people that each have a responsibility in making sure that the system will protect both lives and property. These people include the designer, the installer and commissioning engineer and then the owner of the alarm.

All of these people have a legal responsibility to abide to the British Codes of Practice. Currently this is BS 5839-1:2013 for most buildings, and BS 5839-6:2004 for dwellings such as those of numerous occupancy.

The owner is also required to carry out a risk assessment to identify how much protection is required. The responsibility ultimately lies with them.

What is Required from the Designer?

One of the most critical parts of a fire alarm installation is within the initial design stage. If not done to British standards, there could be huge consequences.

This means that the designer needs to make sure that the product is reliable and high quality. They must work with the owner to make sure that the system has the correct level of protection.

The Installation of the System?

When installing a fire alarm system, it’s important that it doesn’t just comply with the British Codes of Practice, but also with the 17th edition wiring regulations BS7671. All installers should be competent in all areas of installation – including making sure that it’s installed according to the design plans. They should also have training in the installation of fire alarm systems.

The Commissioning Process

After the fire alarm has been designed and installed, it’s essential that it then gets commissioned. This is when someone will determine that the system is both safe and fit to be used within a property.
They will be looking to see if the installation fits the design specifications, as well as checking to see if it complies with BS5839 and all wiring regulations.

Every part of the system will then be checked to ensure that everything works exactly as it should and that it’s prepared for situations in which faults may occur.

It must pass test in order to be allowed to carry on being used within that specific building.

Owner Maintenance Afterwards?

After the alarm system has passed every test, it’s down to the owner to keep it properly maintained. This should include checking it every 6 months, as well as making sure that it is maintained to BS5839-1 standards at all times.


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