How Are Cables Used in Mining?

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Mining carries a lot of risks, so it’s extremely important that everyone is kept safe at all times. Regulations need to be followed, as does the proper legislation, which also applies to the cables used underground, be it for mining equipment or to carry materials to the surface. Some of these cables are armoured, while others are power cables, for instance, and their quality has to be outstanding, due to the hazards inherent to mining and to all the machinery and activities that depend on them.

Shuttle Cars

These vehicles transport mine materials from the harvesting area to a conveyor belt or another car. Most of these cars are operated deep within the mine, and are either electrical or diesel powered. They’re capable of loading and unloading tons of raw materials per shift, and typically operate 24 hours a day, as they’re such crucial elements of the mining operations.

Because of the great exertion that the cables employed in shuttle cars go through, it’s vital that they’re manufactured to the highest of standards and are capable of withstanding difficult conditions.



Cables are also extremely useful for hoisting, which is essentially how the conveyances are raised and lowered within the mine shaft. The cables used in this system have to be sturdy and durable, to be able to endure a lot of weight and a large amount of friction – in essence, the cables in these machines are what allow the raw materials which are harvested in the mine to be brought to the conveyer belts, which will then return empty and ready to be used again.

Longwall Shearers

These machines are used as a form of underground mining in which a long wall of coal, for instance, is mined in slices. They basically cut, or shear, a panel of the wall, so that the raw material can then be harvested and taken to a conveyer. The cables used in these pieces of equipment have to operate within tight bending circumstances, so they need to be flexible and strong.


Cables are used in a wide variety of industries, mining being just one of them. They’re vital to our everyday lives, seeing as without them we couldn’t even have trains. If you wish to learn more about how cables are useful in underground mining, feel free to talk to us on 01344 305 125 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or doubts you may have.

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