Earth Day: How Solar Energy Can Help Save the Planet

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Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970, where the movement for a greener, healthier Earth grew with an emerging consciousness toward environmental issues. Earth day is just a day away – April 22, 2016, and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about our planet and how we can save it.

Solar energy is a powerful energy source, as it originates from the sun’s radiation. We are starting to be able to harness this energy to find a renewable source to power Earth, and technology has evolved to meet these needs. Very soon it will be possible to replace electricity with solar energy.

Solar energy has already started changing the world on a bigger scale, but it is also important to use it on a daily basis and ensure that both houses and business buildings invest in clean energies that help protect the environment from pollution.



 Solar Energy’s Benefits

The top advantage of solar energy is its renewability; unlike coal or petroleum, solar energy can’t run out, and as long as the sun lives, which scientists estimate to be for another 5 billion years, we will have solar energy.

By installing solar panels, you will be reducing electricity usage and reducing your bill. It’s completely clean and safe for the environment, and it’s also a possible solution for remote areas where it’s too expensive to extend the electricity grid.

Solar energy panels have low maintenance costs; they require cleaning so that can capture the sun’s rays effectively, which can be done a few times a year only. They can last for about 25 years, as there are no moving parts suffering from wear and tear. You will save of repair costs on the long run, which makes the investment worthwhile.



Technology Advances

Innovations and research into quantum physics and nanotechnology ensure future increases in solar energy panels’ effectiveness. The panels can see their energy production be doubled or tripled in a near future.

Solar energy cables connect to solar panels, ensuring that the solar energy is safely and effectively conduced to homes, buildings, and other structures. Solar cables need to abide by the requirements of the BS EN 50363; they are designed for insulation and sheathing low voltage energy cables, and safety is the most important factor.



Solar energy can help reduce pollution and ensure efficient, abundant energy for the entire planet. It’s easy to use, and the installation of solar panels and solar energy cables requires very little maintenance. Here at Ascot Cable we ensure that our cables meet the health and safety standards, so you can enjoy clean energy with confidence. If you’re interested in solar energy cables, get in touch with us on 01344 305 125 and our highly-skilled team will answer any question you might have.

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